Mumbai Police Today DCP Transfer List

  • July 10, 2020

Mumbai Police Today DCP Transfer List

1. Shri Paramjit Dahiya (IPS) Transfer from Zone -7 to Zone 3

2. Shri Prashant Kadam (SPS) Transfer From Protection to Zone 7

3. Shri Ganesh Shinde (SPS) 
SB1 to Port Zone

4. Smt Rashmi Karandikar (SPS) Port Zone to Cyber

5. Shri Shahji Umap (IPS) 
CB Detection to SB-1

6. Shri Mohan Dahikar SPS 
Zone-11 to Local Arms Tardeo

7. Shri Vishal Thakur (SPS)
Cyber To Zone 11

8. Shri Pranay Ashok (IPS) of Operation Transfer to Zone 5

9. Shri Nandkumar Thakur (SPS)
LA Tardeo to CB Detection

Kuch Dino pehle Bhi DCP transfer list ayi thi Par us list par Rokh laga di gayi thi Aaj phir ek List issue hui hai
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