50 Pratishat Dazzel Chill Point Inauguration Offer Discounts

  • April 16, 2018

50 % Dazzel Chill Point Inauguration Offer Discounts
Try Fruit Beer Dazzel Jug @Rs 149 for 4 Persons
Seasonal Fruit Juices @Rs 77
Canberry Mojitto, Vergin Mojitto, Litchi Margarette, Lavendra Carpet, Pinacolado, Blue Lagoon Etc @ Rs.111
Dazzel Red Lime, Litchi Krush, Berry Crush, Blue Corroco Etc.
Chill Tea
Peach, Lemon, Thai @ Rs.77
Cold Coffee with Hazelnut & Almond Fudge Ice Cream @Rs.111
Kulfi Faloodas IceCream
Malai, Pista Mango Kasasatta @ Rs 79
Other Varietes Combinations
Spl Fruit Punch, Spl Summer Coller Etc
26, PD Mello Road, Kawarana Traffic Chowky, Wadi Bunder
:- 79000 98923 / 80 800 07617
Quench your thirst with rising temperatures in mumbai @ Dazzel chill point till 3.00 Am Mid Night

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